6 Home Remedies for Dry Eyes

6 Home Remedies for Dry Eyes

Dry, irritated eyes are impossible to ignore. The sheer discomfort often impacts everything from workday productivity to your ability to enjoy your time off. If this is your reality, then you’re likely dealing with dry eye disease. Although this condition might sound dire, it’s possible to get relief. Just use the following home remedies for dry eyes to start feeling better soon.

Apply a Warm Compress

In most cases, dry eye occurs due to the buildup of secretions around the meibomian glands. So, to help clear them out, apply a warm compress whenever you have five minutes. You’ll just need to soak an ultra-soft washcloth in warm water. Place it over your eye until the washcloth cools down, and then repeat for the other eye. You can do this as much as you’d like throughout the day to ease your discomfort and hopefully get the glands working right again.

Get Enough Fatty Acids

Proper oil secretions keep your eyes from feeling dry all day long. So, to help them out, boost your omega-3 fatty acid intake. You can either eat more salmon, tuna, and other healthy fish or take supplements if you prefer. The fish oil will help boost the function of the oil glands plus ease inflammation caused by the dryness. You might not see results for several weeks, however, so stick with it for a while to see if it helps.

Take Screen Breaks Often

Spending time in front of digital screens dramatically reduces your complete blink rate. Without blinking enough, oils fail to get properly distributed across your eye surface. The lipid layer could even fully dissipate by the end of a long screen session, leading to chronic dry eyes over time. So, focus on properly blinking while in front of screens and take a 5- to 10-minute eye break every hour.   

Boost Your Sleep Quality

Getting enough sleep each night can make all the difference when it comes to avoiding dry eyes. Without getting at least seven hours of quality sleep, your eyes do not end up properly lubricated by the time you wake up. Your eyes will produce fewer tears throughout the day as well, resulting in an inadequate tear film. The lack of that protective layer causes daytime dryness, which can get further exacerbated by screen time and other irritants.

Wear Quality Sunglasses

Sunglasses can help reduce dry eye symptoms and keep discomfort to a minimum. Without that extra protection, exposure to the sunlight causes the tear film to quickly evaporate. In addition, the dryness can make your eyes more sensitive to the sun, resulting in a headache to go with your eye discomfort. Choose a pair of wraparound sunglasses for the most protection and make sure they have both UVA and UVB safe lenses.  

Use Lubricating Eye Drops

You can help your eyes stay well lubricated by using over-the-counter eye drops. The lubricating eye drops replicate the tear film layer, helping keep your eyes hydrated for hours at a time. If inflammation is causing your discomfort as well, you can talk to your eye doctor about prescription eye drops as well. The prescription formula not only helps lubricate the eye but also reduces swelling that can cause even more irritation.

Still Having Problems? Try IPL Therapy for Dry Eyes

If these home remedies don’t provide the lasting relief you seek, you may need additional support from your optometrist at Garibaldi Eye Care. We can perform IPL therapy for dry eyes to restore the function of the meibomian glands. In just one to two sessions, the glands will likely start working at their best once again, helping relieve your dry eye discomfort.

To get started, you just need to book your appointment at our Squamish clinic with a call to 778-403-7464. Not able to make a call right now? Just sign up for a dry eye consultation exam through our online booking system. We look forward to helping you get relief from dry eyes.