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7 Warning Signs You Need to Get Glasses min

7 Warning Signs You Need to Get Glasses

If you need glasses, your symptoms may extend beyond just not being able to see as well as you used to. Even more complicated is the fact that the need for glasses does not always come on very rapidly; it can occur gradually enough that you hardly notice your own vision problems. Because of this, many people’s eyesight gets strongly impaired before they ever get any help, which means stronger prescriptions and more room for complications.

Getting familiar with the various warning signs that may point to a need for glasses can help you take corrective measures sooner. Let’s review the various warning signs that tend to most commonly pop up for individuals who need glasses.


1. You just can’t see well.

This might be the most straightforward of the warning signs, since it most directly relates to your vision needing correction. If you notice that things look blurry, fuzzy, or that you can’t quite make out the images before you, it might be time to get your vision checked. You might notice that it’s hard to see things at a particular distance, be it far away or close by, or that your vision is only disrupted at a particular time of day.


2. Objects look like they have an “edge.”

Sometimes, even though it seems like things are visible, you might notice some additional features on them. You might see a little ring or halo of light around them, or it may look like they are all or partially duplicated (people call this “double vision”).


3. You have trouble driving at night.

It might be easy to dismiss this one, since you may think that everyone has trouble driving when it’s darker outside since that would seem to reduce visibility. While there might be some truth to this, the reality is that, if you have trouble seeing, reducing the amount of light is going to make it even harder to see—and so having trouble driving at night might be a sign that you need glasses.


4. You’re getting headaches.

Are you experiencing headaches that are frequent, constant, or seem to be recurring without any obvious trigger? This is one of the most common signs you need glasses. In fact, if you go to a primary care physician and note recurring headaches, one of the first things they may refer you to do is to get your vision checked. Your eyes might be straining to see clearly without your being conscious of it, leading to persistent headaches.


5. You squint all the time.

You may feel yourself constantly drawn to squint to make things clearer. You may even start to see wrinkles forming, or you may realize your face is tensed up as you squint to try and see. Regardless, squinting is another common sign that you may need glasses.


6. You’re over 40.

If you hit 40 and you haven’t been to the eye doctor yet, it might be a good time for a check-up. Even if you don’t opt for glasses now, checking in on your eye health and getting a sense of your baseline vision is a good idea. This is particularly true nowadays with the popularity of technology, which can increase eye straight and trigger vision problems sooner.


7. You’re having trouble adjusting from light to dark or dark to light.

Healthy eyes can transition between different light conditions readily, but several conditions—and even just age—can lead to difficulties in the eyes adjusting. Often, this is tied to stiffness in the eye tissues or gradual weakening of the eye muscles. Either way, it is worth getting checked out, both to rule out any more serious eye diseases or conditions, as well as to obtain vision correction so that you can easily see clearly.

These seven warning signs can each make for a strong starting point towards a discussion with your doctor about whether you need glasses. Sometimes, noticing these signs can also lead to testing that can detect illnesses early, which in turn means better outcomes for you and your eyes. You also might decide to hold off on getting glasses just yet, and instead come up with a plan or timeline for when to re-evaluate the need.

If you recognize any of these signs you need glasses, or if you have any other questions relating to your eyes, make an appointment with Garibaldi Eye Care today.

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